Best Table Tennis Table – What To Look For And What Not To Get Swayed By!

Table Tennis Table is one of the most popular and recreational indoor games. It is one of the fastest games played and is gaining a great deal of fan following even in countries where it is not played professionally. Given that it is an easy game to learn, is exciting and a great form of exercise, there are many people who are thinking of buying the best table tennis table.

Facts to consider before purchasing a new table tennis table

The most important points to be considered when looking to purchase the best tennis table are:

  • Price
  • Are you going to just now learn the sport?
  • Do you intend to practice frequently?
  • Is the table going to be permanently set up or do you intend to pack/unpack for every use?

The best table tennis table costs a fair amount of money. International quality tables start at around 700$ and go upwards. While these tables are exceptionally good and the salesperson will try to sway you into thinking that you will become a great player by practicing on the best table tennis table, they are not necessary at all. There are home recreational tables by good brands like Kettler, Harvard and Stiga that offer good, durable tennis tables and these are more than enough to play on even at the national level of the sport.

Everyone knows where the best intentions of mice and men go…nowhere. You might swear to yourself that you will play table tennis every day and that you are fascinated with the sport, its speed and other things and the go to buy the best table tennis table. However, you might end up being bored of it within a week or you might not be able to use it for long stretches of time, rendering your purchase and the money spent on it useless. So it is always advisable that one be very sure of their commitment levels before setting out to buy the best table tennis table around.

There are many players who represent their county or state and these types of purchasers go through training schedules and practice sessions at either the tennis centre or a community centre. If you are already playing on one type of tennis table and wish to get the same for your personal practice, then it is ideal to look for the best deals in that class of best table tennis tables. Almost all brands offer good deals and bundle offers… make good use of them.

An important point to be noted when buying the best table tennis table is how much of space you have to keep one of these. If you have a gym or a basement where it would be possible to keep the table, always ready to use, then the choices are plenty. If however, you are looking to put together and remove a table every time you play, then you have to look for the best table tennis table in the folded up variety.

It is also necessary to understand that nowadays, pool tables are being converted into tennis tables and there are options for outdoor tennis tables also available. If you think that your interest might be something that will wane soon, then these options are the best to look at when buying the best table tennis table.


The Ping Pong Rules You Need to Know Before You Start Playing

If you are into table tennis and want to play it more seriously. There are many rules of the game you should make yourself familiar with. This article will help you explain the ping pong game if you are just starting out at the game.

ping pong rules

Table tennis is a very interesting game that provides you with healthy physical activity as well. Playing the ping pong game with your friends and family is an excellent way to spend your free time. If you are new to ping pong, first of all you need to get the necessary equipment for practicing the game. For example the best table tennis table, paddle and net can significantly improve your performance at the game. It is really important to choose all the equipment wisely.

Important basic thing you need to know before you start playing

However a table tennis table includes a straight line through the center of the table, in game of singles this line serves no purpose. When playing singles you can completely ignore the line at the center of your table tennis table. There is misconception among people that you must serve from one corner of the table to another diagonally similar to tennis. However in singles game this is not at all true. You can start the serve wherever you want.

Keeping score in ping pong

  • Usually the basic rule of scoring in ping pong is that the first player who reaches 11 points wins the game. However if you are just paying for recreational purposes and not playing professionally you can extend the limit to 21 points, as it is done in Olympics.
  • However regardless of whether you are playing to 11 points or 21 points, in order to win your score should lead by two points at least. For example if the score of your game is tied with 10-10 points you must get two extra points in order to win, your final winning score should be 10-12 points.
  • In ping pong, a point is won on every play. You can win points when your opponent player serves as well.
  • The edges of your best table tennis table also count as in; they are the part of playing surface while the sides of the table are out. This is very important thing to remember when playing ping pong, if you hot the side completely then this means your opponent has won a point.
  • How many serves each player gets depends completely on whether you are playing to 11 or 21 points.
  • In case you are playing to 11 points, then each player serves twice before switching. If you are playing to 21 points this increases to 5 serves each. In situation where scores are tied then every player alternatively serves after every one play that makes the content fairer at the sudden death.

Other important ping pong rules to remember

  • When playing singles you can serve to any part of the court. However in doubles you must serve diagonally.
  • While returning a ball, the opponent player should let the ball bounce before hitting it back. For example they can volley the ball as it is done in tennis and let it bounce.
  • You only get to hit the ping pong ball with the paddle once on your side of the court, no double hits are allowed.
  • When you are playing doubles, each player must play alternative shots. If the shot is played out of turn this means you lose the point.
  • Ping pong ball must bounce only once on the best table tennis table, in case it bounces twice the point goes to your opponent.


Ping pong is quite an entertaining game, and the rules are not very difficult to remember once you start practicing the game on regular basis. Playing ping pong is very simple and you will find the game very engaging.

However in order to play a good game, I suggest you buy the best table tennis table. This will help you practice your game with ease. A good table tennis table plays a significant role in improving the quality of your ping pong game.

Best Table Tennis Conversion Top! Things You need to Know…

A table tennis conversion top can easily transform your pool table or billiard into a great ping pong playing surface. Conversion tops are an excellent option for families who want to save space and enjoy table tennis without devoting any big area of their house.

If you already have a pool table, buying the best table tennis conversion top is a great idea. It would allow you to enjoy both games in same space. Usually it is not practical or possible to buy and store both table tennis and pool table in the same game room.

table tennis conversion top

This article will give you a brief introduction of table tennis conversion tops.

Tips for buying the best table tennis conversion top

  • First of all you should get the correct measurements for the table you are planning to put the table tennis conversion top on. If you have an oversized pool table, make sure you choose a conversion top that would cover it completely.
  • You should choose the table tennis conversion top kit that comes with all the compatible play accessories needed for the game such as the paddles, net and balls.
  • The thickness of the conversion top is important to consider. You can judge the quality of the conversion top by its thickness. There is less chance of cracking when the playing surface is thick, your conversion top will last longer as well.
  • You also need to consider whether you want to keep your ping pong table indoor or outdoor. If you are planning on taking fun outdoor then you need a table tennis conversion top that is weatherized so it can withstand changing seasons of your region.
  • There are table tennis conversion top models that have a clamp style design; in this design you need to access underneath the table in order to tighten the net. Whereas there are other models with a design that eliminates this need. You can decide which option suits you best based on the surface you are placing your table tennis conversion top on.
  • You should look for the net attachments of your existing table, you want to use for table tennis conversion top. The spacing between net attachment and the material of attachment for your existing table are important things you need to consider in order to buy a compatible table tennis conversion top.
  • You can buy a foldable table tennis conversion top, which is more convenient to store and transport whenever needed.
  • You can refer here:

Renowned table tennis conversion top brands

Popular manufacturers of table tennis conversion top include Joola, Killerspin, Stiga and Butterfly. All of these brands create best table tennis conversion tops for your indoor and outdoor use. Most of the ping pong conversion tops have general measurement of 9×5 feet, this playfield is quite sufficient and provides you good amount of playing surface you need for a good game of table tennis. However make sure you have the right measurements for the table you want to keep your conversion top on.

All the above mentioned brands are famous for their smart design and durable conversion tops; however every product is unique in characteristics. You need to keep in mind your own specific needs when choosing the best table tennis conversion top. You should buy a product that fits the space you have perfectly.

Choosing the right table tennis conversion top is challenging task, because there are endless options available in the market. You need to pay attention to every minor detail while making the decision about purchase.


Buying a table tennis conversion top for your game room is a very smart idea. It would save you a lot of space and money. You can buy a great quality table tennis conversion top for considerably less amount of money that you need to spend on a complete set of table. It allows you to conveniently store and transport your ping pong table anywhere you want.

Choosing the best table tennis conversion top is a difficult task. You need to consider all the details and personal requirements. There are so many great options available in the market for best one. However only you can decide which one suits you best.